Over Hamar, Norway

Welcome to fantastic Motorcycle Tours on gravel roads in Norway!
We organize guided motorcycle tours in what we believe is the best site for enthusiasts who like gravel roads, forest roads and other more or less navigable stretches of delightful terrain and scenery.
We offer several different tours, and all have in common that they take place on nice gravel roads, winding backroads and in lovely scenery.
We also have one motorcycle for rent if you don’t have your own adventure motorcycle.
As a participant on our tours you will experience the benefits of having a local guide. In this way you are presented the very best when it comes to exciting driving and accommodation.
The routes have very good variation in surface, terrain, and technical difficulty and are based on gravel roads in Hamar, south-east of Norway, about 120 kilometers north of Oslo.
These tours are suitable for bikers who like to drive on gravel roads and in various terrain, and have got a motorcycle and tires suitable for this type of driving. You don’t have to be an expert in any way, and you will probably improve during the tour. The tours are more like gravel touring with possibilities to have some fun along the road.
We guarantee a very enjoyable and positive motorcycle experience with us and welcome you to an adventure on gravel roads in Norway and Scandinavia!

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Hamar, Norway
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