Over Jan Duindam

I work as a musician. I sing and play the guitar and a variety of other musical instruments. I began writing my own songs in the late sixties and never stropped since. I teach guitar and give courses and workshops ‘Vocal Arts’. This means singing, chanting, vocal improvisation and above all the art of re- or discovering your own natural voice. I also work as a ‘being-oriented’ coach.

I was born as the seventh of 15 children. When my brother started playing the guitar I started playing too and have been doing so ever since. Playing the guitar and singing became very important to me. In a rather harsh, though not loveless, educational climate it gave me a ‘place of my own’.
The first ensemble was (of course) a family folkgroup. (Tail Toddle) Later I played in a variety of bands and other ensembles. (see elsewhere on this site)

Mindfulness in playing music and singing has always been of the utmost importance to me, both as a musician and a teacher. I find this is lacking dramatically’

I love to study, though not so much in the way of formal education but the ‘school of life’.

2011 – present
Uncovering the Voice
Based on antroposophy

2009 – 2012
‘Lichtenberger method’ for
Singing and instrumental music

1999 – 2010
School voor Zijnsoriëntatie (school for being-oriented work)
Bewustzijnstraining, Training being-oriented coach

1999 – 2012
‘Roy Hart Theatre’
Voice expression, vocal theater, vocal improvisation

Turkish & Maroccan music
Various projects

Non-western vocal styles
druhpad singing, overtone chanting

1992 – 1993
Human Resource Management
Education Nieuw Elan Groningen

Pedagogische Wetenschappen (3 years)


Rotterdam & Hilversum
Music education & jazzguitar (Wim Overgauw)

Schola-leader, conductor for Gregorian Chant

Masterclasses Flamenco
Paco Peña at the conservatory of Rotterdam

Amsterdams Conservatorium
Special training guitar teacher (children from the age of 5 onwards)


Middelbare school (high school)
De Breul, Driebergen-Zeist

Then I worked as a guitarist in a prof. band for some years

Pedagogische Academie (teacher training school)
St. Joseph, Zeist

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