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Like dating exciting or scary or maybe it makes you insecure Because You experience a lot of pressure while dating? Do you have a passion for cooking? Come to the workshop Food & Dating where you are dating May just forget. The emphasis in this workshop Mainly on doing what you like and that’s cooking. Namely, we believe That you meet the nicest people When You do nice things.

We keep it a bit of a surprise That awaits you … but with the Following words, you get a small impression:
• Polaroid
• stimulating the senses
• while cooking swap your partner
• love board with pictures … pictures shown or previous workshops (obviously with permission)
• no match? Who do you see your love match on the board!
• cooking together, meet, share and enjoy!

Do you fancy a great night? Then sign up quickly! Meet, share, inspire and be creative together. Simply delicious food & Dating. All our dishes are free of wheat, dairy and processed Sugars.

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Mensen verbinden met elkaar, daar word ik blij van. In de keuken, met recepten aan de slag, taken verdelen en daarna aan tafel om te genieten van lekker eten. Elkaar op een andere manier leren kennen. Communicatie is waar het om draait, verbaal en non verbaal. Niet alleen voeding is belangrijk voor ons lichaam...ook ontspanning en plezier… lees verder »

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