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Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to change chemically, physically, and functionally, the plasticity of the brain manifests itself in the form of changes in cognitive, emotional, and sensory skills.
The changes can be translated in the direction of the empowerment and the development of competences or in the loss of them. This workshop we will go into detail on this theme and give people the knowledge and tools they need to change people effectively.
Neuroplasticity training is an excellent tool, non invasive, for those who suffer from disorders in the nervous system (anxiety, depression, intense stress), of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Cancer, among others, as it allows not only delaying the evolution of the disease as well assist in relearning weakened skills, and provide a better quality of life.
Neuroplasticity training with a balanced diet and physical exercise, (adapted to the mobility and physical condition of each person), are the necessary ingredients for the brain not to shrink and to potentiate it even more. The brain, although not a muscle, works as such in what the training component refers to, it requires training to keep fit, in the fullness of high performance.

As a consequence, each person’s performance is directly proportional to the evolution of their brain plasticity or neuroplasticity. The more and better we stimulate the brain and understand how it works, the bigger and better the results obtained in any scope, personal, professional, leisure, etc.

Neuroscience and Neuroplasticity can be a strong ally in sport, business and education in general and in the management of people in particular, enhancing the best of each one in order to achieve more and better results.

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“Neurons that fire together, Wire together.”

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High Performance Brain

High Performance Brain has this solid goal - to achieve a better performance of the brain. We believe we can make a difference helping creating brain awareness through a multidisciplinary approach based on knowledge from different areas such as neurosciences, psychology, neuropsychology, nutrition, nutrigenetics, medicine and sport science. HPB Education offers trainings, courses, post-grads and workshops in those areas for people who are interested in getting to know more about the brain and about what we can do to prevent emotional and mental… lees verder »

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