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The purpose of this workshop is to deepen and strengthen your self-connection by being in a space of peace, clarity, heart awareness and empowerment. This is explored through meditation, mind exercises and heart connection.

Are you living a fast paced life? Do you sometimes feel anxious and restless during your day? Are you tired of living in the rat race of chasing after late appointments and prioritizing others over yourself? Do you want to make a change and don’t know where to start? The starting point is: you. Your mind, body and spirit.

As you learn to tame your busy mind, you learn to tame yourself. The more your mind becomes clean and polished, the more harmony, relaxation and ease you will experience within yourself. Anxiety and restlessness vanish in the space of peace.

When you are at peace you begin to allow deeper aspects of yourself to be revealed, your inspirational ideas arise, your gifts to the world surface. You begin to feel more secure and more empowered. You begin to live life on your terms and not by the hamster wheel of the modern world.

In this unique and effective program you will discover:
How to easily connect to your peace;
Simple and effective techniques to still the mind;
How to feel your heart deeply;
Effective cleansing method of your physical and energetic body;
How to understand and transform negative habits and behavior;
How to nourish and expand your heart;
Create empowering mental programs;
Experience a healing transmission.

Over de workshopgever

Moshe Wellness

I support people to live a heart centered life. We are all unique beings and our truth lies in our hearts. In daily life we may be faced with challenges such as doubt, fear and anxiety. By living a life that is grounded in the heart we see with clarity ourselves as we are. We can recognize thought and behavioral patterns that are not aligned with our heart and understand the different relationships in our lives. As we have the courage to live more from the heart we begin to live a life filled with peace, openness and certainty. I look forward to supporting you in living a life true to… lees verder »

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Exact location will follow… lees verder »

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